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Addleshaw Bird and Mitchell
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Received a letter stating I was a cash winner of 3,900.000.00 it even has a stamp on top right hand corner stating office of the president confirmed approval. Something should be done about these scams. I was alert enough to realize it was a scam, but, I'm sure there are many people out there who would believe this and send the 20.00. These people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of... Read more

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received letter on 9/18/2014 stating I have won$3,900.000.00, which stated that you have definitely won a cash prize. Gave a ID #50366559904 and said to send in right away, page 2 with $20.00 processing fee. I am from long Island NY. and thought that a UPS store was at that location and I am right. In bold letters it stated "Let it now be on record that (not bold now) Mr Albert J Anderson of Fort... Read more

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I noticed the due date for a $20.00 payment was September 2, 2014. I received the letter on September 16, 14 days after the due date. Since that seemed a bit funny and them asking for money I thought "I'm going to look for a phone number on line and call them." Didn't find a phone number but found this site showing the many complaints. Thank you for having this site and for all who post their... Read more

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If I am a "guaranteed award winner" for more $3 million, why is such a meager $20 necessary for processing... If this is not a scam, I would gladly issue $3 thousand for processing fee, upon receipt of given award. I am not so naive as not to know that if it looks like a duck, walk like a duck, and sound like a duck, know the rest. Such activities should be prosecuted under the... Read more

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I just received a letter from Addleshaw, Bird, & Mitchell today 8/22/14. Saying I have won $3,900,000.00 and to claim the money $20 to Processing Department PMB. 410 17625 Union TPKE Fresh Meadows NY 11366-1515. I looked the name up and figured out that its all a scam. I feel sorry for anyone who has lost money from this scam. I hope they shut these people down soon. Read more

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My son received a letter in the mail stating he won 3,900,00.00 dollars. My son is 15yrs old. Thank god I saw this letter before he was going to send 20.00 he saved. I told him it's a scam. You should not have to send money if you won. Words to other people that reads this. Be wise to anyone that says you won. Look them up on computer first to see if they are legit. Even if they seem legit they... Read more

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Six months ago I was told I won a substantial amount of money to just send $25 and claim my $10,000 prize! I had already sent in $170.00! I sent $25 and was told my check would be sent out on reciept of FINAL PMT. I waited two months and sent them copies of every thing The letter came back as UNDELIVERABLE! I am a 76 yr.old Vietnam Veteran on a fixed income and would like to know what I can... Read more

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ADDLESHAW Bird MITCHELL sent me a letter saying I had won $2,997,500.00 and then said in the latter in order to RECIEVED your payment you must send $20 money , and I'm having a hard time financially and need my $20 back , ain't nobody got time for this *** , people work to *** hard to have thing and these people just take it away without working it , I want my money back , and you will be... Read more

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