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Received an award letter saying I have won $3,900,000.00. That I need to send then $20 for appointment fee made payable to ABM in the form of cash, check or money order. Checked on line about if this is a true company and low and behold, it's a scam company. Many complaints. I'm sending this paperwork to the US Secret Service and they can deal with it as they did for another scam that I fell for that cost me $3,000.00. Check the internet for... Read more

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I to recoved a letter from the same address stating that I was a winner.Iwork to hard for my money. I don't for sorry person try to take My money Like that, Life is hard enough as it is. Lula Rojas Add comment

I received a letter claiming I won 3millions dollars and I sent money to this company numerous of time just to receive what they claim I won!!! Read more

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I am having such a hard time in my life and Lord knows I could use the money!!! ADDLESHAW BIRD AND MITCHELL CLAIM I WON SOME MONEY.... Asking for $20 Beware of this SCAM... I'm 75 years old and I'm having to move out my home due to finances... I thought all my troubles was over!!!! But These people need to be put in the lions Den!!!! Birmingham, Al. Add comment

this. is. donna. brown. and. i get. a. letter. from you. you. said. i win. here want. said. congratulations. you. can. call my. cell. is. 5307126753. please. call me. i do need. at. money. from. donna. brown Read more

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We received the same letter. If everyone that received this letter send them 20.00, they will be rich. I am sure they are mailing out thousands. Has anyone ever called them? Add comment

I recieved the same letter 11/21/2014. I can't believe they think people are so *** to fall for this craps! They really need to be punished for this! Respectfully Ladybug Read more

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I receive letters saying that I am a guaranteed cash prize winner (not eligible to win or the opportunity to win but an actual cash prize winner), send processing fee and check will be mailed but no amount specified. Yes, I did this a few times, minimal money, curious for the most part because it could actually be like a lottery (international I'm guessing being from New York. It made sense to me that it could be. Well, I never received my cash... Read more

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I have received a letter for the saying have a lump sum of money is but I have send them twenty Dollor Order to get the money how true this is Read more

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