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Addleshaw, Bird and Mitchell are at it again consumers.I fell victim to this scam and fortunately only lost $20 bucks to these losers.

My next letter from them asked for $25 in order for them to release millions to me. Of course my possible windfall had increased. LOL I actually have a successful guy in my life, and I thought it was from him being generous, but wanting to be incognito about it.

Glad I looked online at these scam artists complaints and not lose anymore money.Something should be done about these people, whoever and wherever they might be slumming it in the Big Apple.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I just received a letter from them yesterday saying I won 2,997,500 an all I had to do was send 20.00.I'm glad I went online an seen all the complaints, an that they are nothing but scamers.

Thanks to the internet.

How do they get our names an addresses.I live in California, these people need to be found an brought to justice.

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